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Roller Blinds

Le -Sands roller blinds can lighten up or create a great retreat in any room. We provide a contemporary look for any window or door and offer a wide range of fresh and fashionable fabrics.

Roller blinds are the must have of window coverings at Le-Sands, we provide a wide range of fabrics to suit any home.

Whether you want to blockout the light completely, or merely dim the room, we have the fabric for you – from budget to premium quality.

Available with colour co-ordinated brackets, stylish bottom rail or decorative trim, our roller blinds are made-to-measure to ensure a perfect fit. All Le-Sands roller blinds comply with laws to include a child-safety element standard when installed.

Roller blind options

Blockout Fabric

Blockout fabric allows 100% protection from sunlight to keep your room dark. This will keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Sunscreen Fabric

Sunscreen fabric has a 3% and 5% openness factor for optimal visibility and breathability while also providing glare, heat and UV reductions.

Translucent Fabric

Translucent Fabric is light filtering, meaning that some sunlight will penetrate the blinds but you will not be able to see through.

Motorised Roller Blinds

At Le-Sands Screens & Blinds we have motorised roller blinds available to be hard-wired or have battery motors, with remotes or switches for operation.


Our dual bracket system allows you to have the best of day and night blinds. Sunscreen fabrics provide perfect filtered light when you want to enjoy the light. The blockout blind keeps light out when you want to sleep in in the the morning or enjoy the privacy of your home at night.

  • Stainless steel chain control (anti-rust in beach-side suburbs)
  • Spring loaded roller blind system for traditional feel
  • Blockout fabric or sunscreen fabric
  • Stylish bottom rail or decorative trims
  • Linked blind system controls multiple blinds from a single point
  • Dual bracket system (allows two blinds to fit into a single window frame – blockout fabric for night and sunscreen fabric for day
  • Complete Blockout – Add side channels and a pelmet to remove light gaps
  • Spring assists to help with the weight of the blind when pulling on the chain
  • Silent Bumpers – to help reduce the noise of the bottom rail “bumping” on the window frame when the window is open